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Comprehensive Speech Language Pathology Services, LLC

My name is Stephanie Barton, and my passion is helping individuals with Autism and Selective Mutism reach their full potential. I plan to assist pediatricians with the diagnosis of Autism and Selective Mutism and collaborate with medical team professionals to provide the best care possible. Please contact me today, if you require my services. I’m here to help you.

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A message from Stephanie

In an effort to redefine speech therapy to better align with the values and ethics of the clients I serve, I made the professional decision to open a specialty private practice, Comprehensive Speech Language Pathology Services, LLC.

This decision has allowed me a more manageable caseload which in turn gives me the opportunity to offer more intensive and comprehensive services. I think it is of utmost importance to collaborate with referring physicians, therapists, teachers, and the family to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes. I am passionate about providing access to communication utilizing Spelling to Communicate Methodology to those who suffer from non-speaking, minimally speaking, and unreliably speaking autism. I also feel very blessed to have been mentored in diagnosing and treating Selective Mutism. In addition, I completed the basic and advanced courses of Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) feeding protocol which has helped many of the clients I serve with oral/motor feeding disorders. I am so excited to offer a more intense, comprehensive service to my patients and their families. I look forward to serving you and your family, contact me today for more information on the different ways I can help you.

Mission Statement


To provide Comprehensive Speech Language Therapy Services in a calm, welcoming and low stress environment where presumption of competence and well being of the entire family are priorities.


To collaborate with your child’s medical team to ensure holistic treatment with positive outcomes. 


To provide evaluation and diagnostic services that help parents better understand their child’s condition and needs for future success.  

Testimonials from Clients and Families

"Not only is Stephanie Barton an phenomenal Spell to Communicate practitioner (S2C), she helps counsel my husband and I with the difficulties of raising a non-speaking child. She is extremely patient and compassionate. You can tell she loves what she does. We are blessed to have her working with our son."


Mary McClelland

Elijah's Mom

"Ms. Steph has changed our world. [...] She came in and firstly told me I was not alone and that together we will transform my son, Gabriel. Little did I know that within 6 months, his fits became shorter. His screaming became almost obsolete. AND his communication grew exponentially. [...] Almost 2 years later, my son, almost 4 now, is talking- not just to me and his siblings, but his aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. [...] I have a breath of fresh air- new life. All thanks to Ms. Steph"

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Christine Probst

Gabriel's Mom

"[Stephanie] has been welcoming and has built an extraordinary rapport with my son, Joey. She makes therapy fun and encourages Joey, which motivates him to participate during sessions. Stephanie focuses on Joey’s motor planning deficits and accessibility to his speech technology. She understands that Joey’s body movements do not always cooperate with what his brain is telling his body to do, and that rebuilding those neurological pathways i very important."

Henry cropped

Jayne Martin

Joey's Mom